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Monday, 4 March 2013

Goodbye Monday!

Hey guys! Thank god we've got monday over with! :D --I mean who else thinks Mondays drag? I'm just glad i've got Wednesday off school to recover ;)--

So back to business...
After everything was decided to move it was time to start packing. --Well 'start' isn't really the word seeming as my mom had sneakily been packing my things for months... -_- -- I don't think the reality of it all hit me until I actually got here, I kind of got myself thinking I was packing for a super, monstrosity of a holiday! But you know, once i'd accepted the idea of moving packing wasn't so difficult.

I think the hardest part of the whole process was saying Bye to my friends and family, I mean i had no idea when i was going to see them! --I mean some of them I thought hallelujah i've always hated you... Mwuahahaha Bitch...-- But otherwise I was pretty gutted. :( Though I suppose the great world of modern technology has things like Facebook and Skype to keep in touch, so that's good. :D 

But if anyone wants to know about anything else just send me a message, but I think i'm just going to write about day to day stuff --which will probably include a lot about moving anyways soo :P ...-- and just add in anything that comes into my head :P 

Laters! :) 

(P.s sorry for the awful message, that's what 4 and a half hours sleep does to a person :P) 
P.p.s Heads up, might write a bit more about me tomorrow, like about all my piercing and the fact i've coloured my hair more than i've eaten cake! --And trust me that's alot!--
P.p.p.s Pictures will follow shortly, just need to get round to finding some :) 
P.p.p.p.s Message me or comment or something telling me any ideas on what to include!
P.p.p.p.p.s --Last one I swear ;)-- Don't forget to subscribe!