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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Just thought i'd say Happy Tuesday to you guys! --Have absolutely no idea why but then again I have no idea why I do things most the time :P -- So hows your week going? Actually quite happy with the way my weeks going, I mean I finished school at 11:10 --Like was there any point in me going to school :P ahaa, and lucky for me I think that's the time i'll finish for the next two weeks ;) -- But i'm kind of wondering where my day has gone, I finished at 11:10 but didn't get home til 4 O'clock! Sometimes I think I spend most my time sleepwalking as I can never remember what i've done 5 minutes ago let alone that day! 
Anyways,.. I thought i'd let you know a little bit more about me! :D Okay, so first of all my name is Emily and i'm 14 years old. --Just incase you didn't know ;) -- I enjoy listening to music and occasionally you might find a book in my hand. --Well if you're lucky :P -- I enjoy making things and going on the computer... But asking me to make a sandwich is like asking a cat to fly. --No idea where that came from but it's the best I could do ;) -- Erm what else can I say?.. My favourite colour is purple and my lucky number is 13 --Because you know, why not :P -- I have 11 piercings (2 in each lobe {by the way I stretched one of them to a 4mm), tragus, 3 cartilage piercings in one ear, my eyebrow and a double nose piercing {same side}) and I have coloured my hair more times than I can remember :P But right now it's purple, blondey/browney/gingery and turquoise. --Trust me it looks better than it sounds, pictures will prove my point-- So the underneath is like the browney/blondey/gingery colour, whilst the top is purple and the tips are turquoise. Also I hate vegetables but I love tomato sauce. --Like i'm not kidding I could eat it with anything!-- So that's a bit of info about me --can't really think of anything else to say at the moment-- You'll probably find out more about me as you read my blog :D 

So tomorrow I think i'll talk about the whole starting a new school experience --Not forgetting I was in a foreign country and couldn't speak a word of Swedish!-- So remember +, subscribe, answer my poll and comment or email me if you want to ask me anything else!