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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Language progress...

So I started reading my first Swedish book today, it's called 'Märta rider vilse.' Feel pretty stupid reading a book a 6 year old would read but I'm just glad that I can understand some of it :P --Well some of the first 2 pages I've read :P -- Because I've pretty much been learning Swedish for the past week and a half, this is because the rest of 8th grade are on work experience --and well I can't really go because I don't know Swedish well enough yet, hopefully I will soon :D, and I have no idea if I've told you this already but oh well-- I think It's going well, but I can tell it's going to take a long time until I'm anywhere near as good as some of the Swedes are at English! I just hope that one day I might be able to translate all these posts into Swedish so maybe a few more people will have the chance to read it :) 
Not much more I can say really, haven't really done much these past 2 days apart from sit and watch 'An Idiot Abroad.' Absolutely love that show! Have you guys watched it? I just think Karl Pilkington is like really funny, I'm literally in stitches for the whole show :P Or some other shows I find really funny are Miranda --Oh my life I love Miranda! If you haven't watched it before you totally should! I mean you might not find it funny, it might just be my immature sense of humour but maybe you'll enjoy it :) -- or things like Mrs Brown's Boys or 2 Broke Girls. If you've seen any of them comment or something and let me know what you think? Or if you've got any other shows you think I should take a look at :) I'm open to suggestions :)