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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snows still here!

Starting to miss the lovely Great British weather, which meant rain like 364 days a year! Feels strange not carrying an umbrella around everywhere I go! But now it's just snow, I mean it's melted a couple of times already. I go to sleep and the ground is snow free and then... wake up and everything's white again! I'm like OhMyGawdd! Like seriously  man! Only so much snow a girl can handle! Then you see when the snow is blowing towards you and you're wearing a black coat that the snow seems to stick to, well lets just say when I get home I look like some kind of deformed snowman... -__- Hopefully it will melt again soon then I will be happy :D 
Anyways now I'm doing my Swedish homework, I've been working with some books (they're called Mål 1 I think :) ) and they're pretty good. I think the hardest thing with the pronunciation of my Swedish is how they pronounce their R's (they do this kind of strange noise in the back of their throat which is like impossible for me to do!) and the noise they make when they say seven, which is sju in Swedish. When they say it I'm like Huh? whuuut was that?... Anyone got any tips and I would be so grateful! Oh and also when they say the alphabet, I can never tell whether they are saying e, i or y! So confusing... Other than that I've just been sticking to basic phrases and been building up my vocabulary for when I start saying sentences and things... Save me now.... :( 

4 strand braid!
So got to get back to homework now... Mom's bugging me... Will post again soon, gonna try and paint my nails later (which will be very difficult as I may be the world's worst nail painter... -If that's even what you would call it...- I mean I might as well dunk my finger in the nail varnish,,, which would probably look better than what I would do....) then going to try and master the 4 strand braid! Woohoo :D