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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Weather Update!

The green snowfall has finally ended this morning. The storm that brought the snow (caused by an alien spacecraft) has finally moved away to the east. This morning's low was 29 degrees. Skies have cleared (and are now alien free) and the sun is out at this moment. We should see temperatures to be warmer today with highs in the 60s, or maybe 70s, or even 80s!

Look for good weather to continue through Thursday with a warming trend, and don't forget to cross your fingers that the green snow and orange rain don't return over the weekend. By Thursday, expect highs to be in the 70s. However, the early morning temperatures will still remain cool through Thursday with lows in the 30s. Winds will remain light

Obviously there is a chance the invasion could, after all, take place this weekend, meaning pigs will fly and marshmallows will grow wings... However it should all subside by Monday, so just stay inside and lock your doors, but if you do decide to venture outdoors, wear a raincoat because flying marshmallows won't look good on a white shirt...

Just kidding! :P --That was my attempt at being a weather forecaster, might not be exact but oh well :P -- Just thought I'd update you guys on the fact the snow is nearly gone! Hallelujah! Although we still have got some snow and ice, damn :( Hopefully this should all go shortly :D Anyways, I'm writing this pretty pointless update as I'd rather talk to you than do my homework... --You know me and Homework don't really get on, I like to think of Homework as like a Pigeon, They are unwanted and impossible to get rid of!-- 

And I would just like to thank everyone that has emailed or commented telling me about their experiences! I really appreciate it :D Anyways Like, Comment, Subscribe, Tweet,,,, Blah blah blah... You know what to do ;)

So laters :) --No idea when later will be but I'm guessing I'm not going to be gone for long!-- :D

My garden, maybe not the best picture but the snows starting to melt :D