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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Can't sleep!

So it's 10 past 1 in the morning and can't sleep so in between posting random stuff on Instagram (btw my username is emilylouise258 Maybe I'll follow back ;) ) thought I'd post an update. So finally got person numbers, woohoo! ;) But there's a downside,, most phone companies want you to have had a person number for 6 months before you can get a SIM card or Internet contract -_- :( which is pants... So more waiting then.., :P but other than that I haven't really got much more to say, just that I've been to a BBQ (abit early seeming as it's not really summer yet but oh well) then came home to eat cake ;) (Love cake, sometimes my sister compares me to Monica from Friends because I'm kind of a control freak, and a neat freak an she says I'm a fat girl inside... ;) have you watched friends? Who'd you think you are out of the Friends cast?) then been posting pics on Instagram cause I've got nothing else to do :) (would post some pics but I'm on the web not app and I'm to lazy to download it,,) So yanoooo :P 
But anyways really happy about the views and emails I'm getting about this blog, cause I'm only just starting and everything's still new to me, so just subscribe or comment or like or whatever :) everything helps :D
Well laters! <3