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Monday, 15 April 2013


Hi guys!

Thanks for the emails, great chatting to some of you guys! 
Anyway, just thought i'd do a quick update just to fill you guys in, (why you'd want to know I have no idea :P )
So, Swedish is going Ok, still super difficult and i think they talk really fast but hopefully, in time, i'll get it :D I'm planning to go back to the UK in the summer to see family and stuff soon, so that should be fun too :) Trying to beg my parents to let me get my belly button pierced, I mean I know friends who've got it and i'm not worried about pain, so hopefully they will say yes :D So if any of you guys have any advice for me or stories then comment or email me :) Would really like to hear them. Also i'd like your opinion, i'll post a poll later, but i'm not sure whether to just get a standard belly piercing (at the top) or whether (not straight away of course) to get a one at the top and bottom, a double belly button piercing?
Like this! ;)
So again any info i'd be grateful :D Also, I have a few piercings, (11 actually ;) ) so if any of you want to know about them then just let me know :) I have lobe, cartlidge, eyebrow and nose piercings if that helps :)
But other than all that my days been pretty boring :P I mean i had some new converse, and clothes but that's pretty much it :P 
Photo: New Converse :D
New converse :D
So if you have any blog suggestions or improvements i'd be grateful, also just showing your friends my blog would put a smile on my face :P