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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A day of Swedish!

So today the rest of my grade are on a trip with the P.E so the teacher decided it would be best to spend the day doing some swedish instead. So here I am at school, sitting by my locker on Facebook and updating my blog. (Don't worry I'm not skiving or ditching class, I've got a 50 minute lunch break!) I'm still working with the Mål 1 books, on like chapter 4 now :D, and I'm still working with a lot of children's books, but now my teacher found us a new project to do. It's called Storyline and basically you have to invent your own city, you need to come up with a name, what language they speak, their religion, how many people are there and all that. So far me and Jesse (because we have to work together, oh and she's my twin) have decided our city, or should I say island ;), is in southern Italy were the people are all Welsh speaking Buddhists, not something you see everyday! :P It helps with learning a language because you have to say/write everything about the city in your language of choice, in my case swedish. :) But I think it's just going to be a lot of practise from now on.

But if anybody has any questions about moving to another country or moving in general feel free to ask! I mean I started this blog to help other people in my situation and hopefully they will be prepared for the move and everything afterwards because I know before I moved I searched the internet for someone who had moved to a foreign country but I couldn't find very much. So basically, I just want to be here to give advice to anyone who asks, and just purely to talk about whatever random stuff is going on in my uninteresting life. :P 

I mean there's not much else to talk about, (not sure if I've mentioned it before) but Jesse still wants to move back to the UK before September when she would be starting Year 11 there, so that's definitely not an experience I'm looking forward too! We've never even been in different countries before! Well maybe she's been in Wales while I've been in England but that doesn't really count! :P 

Anyway, I'm going to finish school then go home and watch Castle (my recent addiction) then maybe some PLL. What do you guys think of these shows, are there any shows or movies you recommend? So thanks for reading!

P.s Happy Tuesday everybody!