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Saturday, 9 November 2013


Ok, I know, I lied, that promise to update regularly kind of fell through,,, But I have an excuse! So first I was sick, then I've been doing some DIY, cause I'm so talented ;) haha. So I have no idea what I'm writing (due to the fact it's midnight and I'm sitting watching Seinfeld) but hopefully it makes sense.
So, the learning of the Swedish is going good, those 2 days at the other school are really helping. My only problem is talking. I've never really been confident, but don't exactly wanna make a fool of myself now do I? Hmm, so any of you guys moved to a new country? How did you deal with starting speaking a new language? Any tips?
What about that storm the other week? I know the storm was in the UK and Sweden (not sure where else) but it was awful. I mean it was so windy I could literally feel my little wooden house moving! Haha, but seriously, do you know how annoying it is to be sitting in your bed and the power goes out? Well just imagine that you'd forgot to clean your room (like I happened to, leaving jewellery, headphones, pens and loads of other tiny things on the floor) and you couldn't get up until the lights came back on otherwise you'd feel like you stepped on Lego! Anyone done that? Absolute AGONY!! 
So, I'm running out of thing to say (seeming as I'm literally tyring to keep my eyes pried open) but hopefully I'll find something interesting for Tuesday!
Well I do have one thing to say, go check out iisuperwomanii on YouTube! She's hilarious! You could even leave a comment telling her I sent you! :D Well anyways,